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I’m Cathy Domoney and I am truly honoured that you are here!

My passion is empowering female leaders around the world to think bigger, realise, dream and manifest a life beyond their wildest dreams.

I have gone from redundant to abundant so I know exactly what it takes to transform your world – and it really can be effortless and exciting! You are only ever one decision away from changing your life and it is so much easier than you think!!

I love assisting my clients to smash through blocks quickly and achieve fast results easily.

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Cutting-edge. Thoughtful. Practical and made for you in the real world. Every small step goes deep and adds up quick. Cathy’s work is phenomenal.

Her insights, and deeply forgiving work help you work through the hardest areas of your life, that ... we all try to sidestep so we can just carry on with life.



Film Producer

Change your Life ...

Break through  your mindset blocks fast to unleash extraordinary success in all areas of your life.

Next Level Success!

If you’re an entrepreneur or want to be one, if you are a female-leader or want to be one or if you are just an amazing woman who feels blocked in a particular area of your life and want next level success, then my programs are for you.

Who are my clients?

  • Leaders of Industry
  • Business Owners
  • Film Producers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Community Creators
  • Women of Influence
  • The Courageous who want next level success
  • Dreamers who want an action plan blueprint
  • Authors
  • App Designers

With over 20 years experience in personal growth, I have had the privilege to learn from many of the world’s best life-teachers and philosophers. A wealth of personal experience and knowledge from my own life has enabled me to create an approach that is both personal and unique. I help clients to reprogram their negative inner dialogue and create new habits for the mind and body fast!

I have mentored clients worldwide to find their inner guidance, strength, skills, talents and gifts. I started the Manifesting Mindset Movement and have guided clients to reprogram thoughts and habits that no longer serve them and remove blocks from their future dreams, progress and prosperity.

If you want that too, then join my Manifesting Mindset Formula.

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