Cathy Domoney is a bestselling Author and highly successful Inspired Spirit Law of Attraction Coach who has been trained by Australia’s Number One, Award-Winning Law of Attraction Coach & Mentor, Sandy Forster. Cathy has mentored clients worldwide how to find their inner-guidance, strength, skills, talents and gifts and she’s a founding member of the Association of Transformational Leaders (ATL Australia). Cathy started the Miracle-Ready Mindset Movement and has guided clients to reprogram old habits that no longer serve them & remove blocks from their future dreams, progress & prosperity.

Cathy has over 20 years' experience in Personal Growth and has learned from many of the world's best life-teachers and philosophers and a wealth of personal experience and knowledge that makes her approach both personal and unique. She helps clients to reprogram their negative inner dialogue & create new habits of the body and mind FAST!

Release your full potential, discard fear and get out of your own way! Life is supposed to be good for you and Cathy is here to say, 'Yes you can!' Align your mind, body and spirit and embrace the life of your dreams.

Cathy runs a private practice coaching groups and individuals of all ages worldwide in mindset growth, the Law of Attraction and the practical pathway to achieving your dreams and ambitions.

Welcome! I am thrilled that you are here! 

Whether you are interested in me Speaking at your next Event; or in my empowering Positive Mindset For Kids Storybook Series; if you want to be part of my new Empowered book for women or you are waiting for my new empowering, exciting, comprehensive Online Course (coming soon) I am so looking forward to getting to know you!

My passion is mentoring women and children to actively and purposefully chase their dreams. The results that I have had in my own life, and the results that my clients have had are nothing short of miraculous. Using my tried and tested processes I have guided my clients in smashing through and removing the mental blocks which have been holding them back from the higher levels of success that they have been craving. I have lived it, applied it and am now living a life which is continually unfolding to reveal success beyond my wildest dreams and I want to teach you to do the same! Through mentoring and my soon-to-be-released online courses designed to empower women globally to unleash their true potential.

  • I understand what it's like to struggle with depression and chronic illness and come through the other side living in harmony with your body.
  • I know what it feels like to have self-doubt and crippling anxiety and yet still achieve and live the life of my dreams.
  • I have experienced what it is like to have very little money coming in and go from redundant to abundant!
  • I understand what it's like to be sat in darkness and watch others just seem to 'get it' and shine, wishing with all of my heart that I was there with them, to see the rainbow and yet to sit in the shadows.
  • I understand what it's like to know that you are meant for great things but feel that you will never get there... and then get there!
  • I know what it's like to juggle and balance being a mother to (five) wonderful children and chase my dreams running my international business!
  • I have experienced first-hand the power of preparing a Miracle-Ready-Mindset and the jaw-dropping results that rush into your life when your thoughts direct the power of your intention to reach extraordinarily successful results in all areas of your life!
  • I am passionate about teaching my clients the tools and exact processes that I took years formulating to achieve outstanding results again and again.
  • I mentor my highly successful clients to take their lives to the next exciting level, the tools that I teach them mean that they can repeat the processes to keep up-leveling their lives continually... time and again empowerment on repeat!!

"Cathy I am completely amazed! I made more progress with you in ONE HOUR than I did in MONTHS of therapy!! Thank you so much, I cannot wait for our next session! I feel so empowered and ready for change... Bring it on!!"


"My time spent with Cathy was of immense value. I never thought that my 'problems' were important enough and in times prior, I had an issue with sharing my feelings. However, Cathy's warmth, integrity, openness and positivity allowed me to shine a light on my innermost self, to release my ingrained negative burdens. Cathy helped me to see what my'blocks'were, and in turn, how to clear the path for amazing successes in my personal and professional life. Honestly this was a life-changing event for me! Thank you Cathy."

Rebecca- Adelaide.

I believe that you have found me for a reason. I have worked with incredible women and young people all from all over the world to achieve great things beyond their wildest expectations. I have used a plethora of tools available to me, as well as my wealth of experience to ensure that each interaction that we have is powerful and life-transforming!

Do you know at your core that you were meant for greater things and are looking for direction and answers on how to get from where you are to where you want to be starting TODAY?!

Then please contact me to be added to my mailing-list and we can discuss exactly how I can help you to positively change your life! I am very much looking forward to connecting with and serving you to accomplish your future dreams, desires and ambitions. 

"Thank you Cathy. You have helped us no end in in finding our feet at times when I was feeling truly overwhelmed. The best bit was that you kept it simple & manageable giving me tools to use that fitted in to our everyday lives. This has given me the confidence to take a stand in our home and not feel like its all my fault.

Thank you again you're such a beautiful soul born to help & support others." Louise- Adelaide.

"Cathy is a very positive and talented coach. She helped me with the resources and guidance I needed to get my business started. I wasn't sure where to start until I started working with her. She helped me to use ideas I already had and form them into a working plan. Her enthusiasm and fun personality make her easy to work with. She's also very caring and supportive. I would definitely recommend her as a coach." Christy Garone, USA.

"Cathy has incredible insight. I went to see her about my son. She saw in me the mental struggle I have tried so desperately to hide for fear of appearing a failure to my children. She encouraged me to face my fears and share with them, thus teaching them that it is ok to not always be ok. I have gained much more confidence and strength since meeting with Cathy. The balance I now feel with my family has sustained our positive forward steps. Thank you Cathy. You are an inspiration!"

Nikki Cook, Adelaide.

"Today far exceeded my already high expectations of what to expect. Every woman should attend this day retreat. Thank you for including me. Today I have learned so much and my thinking has changed immensely. I am leaving today with very different ideas of what my future holds."


"Accepting, welcoming, authentic, non-judgmental. I wish it had have been two days and not just one! Thanks for a great day and helping me to accept where I am right now. "


"Today was peaceful and calming. I was concerned it would be confronting as some other workshops I’ve been to have been. Listening to Cathy’s voice and healing , nurturing words, sage advice and genuine warmth was a pleasure."


"A very positive experience, insightful, releasing and topics resonated. A reminder to accept oneself in the here and now and to self love. Vision board was a lovely exercise. Very nice to reflect and set intentions. The life wheel was also beneficial to identify areas of improvement. This was so worthwhile. Honestly a wonderful and valuable day. Thank you Cathy."


You will change in miraculous and life-affirming ways and you will be a different person when the coaching journey is complete.

The the successful completion of our journey together will ensure that the most amazing part of your journey yet to come.

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"What I learned today was aligned with what I am interested in life and have been reading and listening to similar ideas. Today I learned I am able to change my mindset by recognizing my habits or toxic thoughts and replace them with positive ones through positive programming. I am going to focus on my blessings and trust and ensure what I desire is also on its way to me. I want to focus on positive aspects of my relationships and see positive aspects of others. Thank your u very much Cathy, you were a nice teacher today and did a good job!" Maryam~Adelaide

"I feel blessed that I managed to find Cathy and arrange some coaching. What a wonderful, caring and compassionate person/coach. During my sessions, Cathy was understanding and caring in the guidance she gave to me. I realized that even though I thought I was semi organised, I was actually procrastinating. Cathy gave me clear advise on what I needed to do and how to get started. Thanks to Cathy I am now in a better space, both mind and spirit. Cathy you have such a wonderful caring nature, I am truly thankful for everything you shared with me." Sharon J, Australia.

It's Time To EMPOWER Yourself!