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Positive Mindset for Kids

The Positive Mindset For Kids Series is changing hearts and minds one story at a time. 

These valuable and unique books expand minds and serve as the starting point for meaningful conversations. With carefully crafted text and illustrations the stories both inspire and empower.

Each book has invaluable resources included in the back of each book for parents/carers/professionals to immerse themselves and their kids and transport their mindset to the next level of success.

Pop Finds His Smile

A wonderful exploration into how perception and mindset can directly impact our experience of the world.

Dear Bully

An important conversation-starter discussing the possible reasons that someone choose to demonstrate bullying behaviours and ways that we can help.

I am Perfectly Me!

An exploration into the hate that we can receive from the outside world and how we can choose to disregard it and connect to our true power and strength.

Am I Weird?

This book is an important celebration of individuality and embracing the things that make you stand out proudly from the crowd.

The Magic is Inside You

A powerful guide to develop a mindset for success.

I am absolutely THRILLED  that my first book in ‘The Positive Mindset for Kids’ series, ‘The Magic is Inside you’ has won The Mom’s Choice Award in USA!

This gorgeous and important book, ‘The Magic is Inside You’, provides children with the words to express themselves and they shine a mirror on situations or emotions that they may be experiencing. Everyone wants to see their life reflected in literature-to know they are not alone, to know that someone else understands.

The Sonrise Babies Home Series

The Sonrise Babies’ Home Series tells wonderful tales of Africa with 100% of all sales going to a life-saving orphanage in Uganda.

Book 1: Domali and the Sonrise Babies' Home

An inspirational true story of a little orphaned girl who grew up and has saved the lives of over 300 babies. 100% of all sales go to the orphanage.

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