Cathy Domoney, the founder of Miracle-Ready Mindset, is an inspirational speaker and professional mentor. She firmly believes in the power of the right mindset and the impact it can have on one’s life.

Cathy began her journey as a teacher, where she quickly became passionate about self-esteem and confidence work, both with her adult and children clients alike. She holds Diplomas in Hypnotherapy and Counselling, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Life Coaching. During her early teaching years, Cathy came to realize how important one’s view of themselves can be when it comes to academic attainment, as well as behavior and happiness. Through experience, she found out that the positive mindset can have a significant impact on children’s experiences in the world, boosting their confidence and helping them realize their full potential.

Today, Cathy’s mission is to contribute to a happier, more well-rounded generation one child at a time. She brings her positive attitude, professional background and genuine passion for helping others to guide children to their full potential with the help of storytelling.

She brings her positive attitude, professional background and storytelling craft to guide children and help them reach their full potential.

In her books, Cathy tackles complex social subjects by breaking them down into accessible, engaging and easy to understand stories. Cathy’s vision is to expand minds, connect people and start meaningful conversations. Her book series, ‘Positive Mindset For Kids’ has received overwhelmingly positive feedback, rated as one of Amazon’s best-sellers in the Education section. ‘’Positive Mindset for Kids’’ is used at home by parents, in educational and developmental settings by carers, counselors, teachers, as well as psychologists and professionals, working with young people as a tool to start a dialogue and facilitate connection and communication.

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