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Cathy has a beautiful method of drawing out the authenticity of who you are. She helps you to reignite the flames within that had died down and build the confidence to move forward in wholeness. Cathy’s coaching and mentoring took my journey to a whole new level of extraordinary.

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Begin crafting the life of your dreams and create the freedom in your life that you have always wished for.

Learn powerful communication skills which will make you a hugely successful leader in both your professional and personal life.

Use proven processes, techniques and systems which to gain knowledge and confidence to begin living the life of your dreams.

Anglo-Aussie Cathy Domoney is a risk taker, dreamcatcher, disrupter of the status-quo who believes anything is possible. 

She’s a founding member of the Association of Transformational Leaders (ATL Australia), and works with world-leaders whose main mission is to connect individuals like her. 

Together they make a greater and meaningful impact in the world through empowering the lives of other people in their respect fields

Cathy has mentored clients worldwide to find their inner guidance, strength, skills, talents and gifts. She started the Manifesting Mindset Movement and has guided clients to reprogram old habits that no longer serve them and remove blocks from their future dreams, progress and prosperity, helping them get the life they dreamed of and more.

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Use the modules which combine many formal modalities such as psychology; sociology; counselling; life-coaching; teaching and hypnotherapy with the Law of Attraction and watch the MAGIC happen! FAST!

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Discover and master the four unique powerful mindset processes that will empower you to the next level of success time and time again.

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Master the leading edge, breakthrough processes which will smash through mindset blocks and attract in miraculous opportunities, experiences, people and abundance into your life.

Change Your Life

Learn my amazing and unique processes to change your life once and for all so you can have the life you deserve.

I cannot thank Cathy enough for helping me to shed the baggage, find out and accept who I am and be able to enjoy the fruits of my labour. I have had the benefit of guidance from several counsellors at different stages of my life, but felt Cathy truly understood me and wanted me to succeed in a way that was sustainable. 

I was a sceptic when it came to vision boards and similar non-traditional methods but have to admit to now being a convert. In the past 12 months I have achieved way beyond the conservative dreams I outlined in my initial board and am about to embark on a fresh one for this year.

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