Welcome to my journey in creating my new book;

Empowered: Female Voices United Through Power and Strength.

I am very excited that you are here!!

I am writing a book dedicated to the female experience and how women navigate so many different challenges in life often quietly, courageously and with so much strength and grace. I am looking for women with the courage to share their stories in order to unite us through our experiences and also to give some enlightened male readers an insight in to our beautifully complex natures, our multi-faceted personalities and our inner wisdom and strength that not only carries us through life, but also of those around us. There are some specific women that I am wanting to connect with who I have listed below; but if you are reading this and you feel that your voice and story are important and needs to be heard then please do contact me and we will take it from there! I have some truly inspirational and exciting women already involved, including some names that you may recognize which is so exciting and humbling.

Some of the amazing women involved are submitting their stories anonymously and so I will not be revealing their names or identities for their safety and their confidentiality. Others are getting involved and have opted to have a Profile Page directly following their story which will include a photo, bio and links to their Websites/Businesses/Products etc. Your story is so important for generating connection; empathy; hope; inspiration; courage; understanding and encouraging other women to use their voices in powerful ways! 

These are some of the specific women that I am wanting to connect with:

  • A Transgender Woman
  • A Gay Woman
  • A Woman Who Made the Conscience Choice to NOT Have Children
  • A Refugee Woman
  • A Woman Who Has Experience Prejudice of Any Kind
  • A Woman Who Has Survived Rape
  • A Woman Who Is a Recovered Addict
  • A Woman Who Has Recovered From an Eating Disorder
  • A Woman Who Has Survived Amputation
  • A Woman Who Has Worked In A Male Dominated Industry
  • A Widow

The purpose of my book is to deal with some difficult and even controversial issues faced by women. My intention is to provide connection and understanding; provide insight to those who have not experienced the particular issue being discussed and hope to those who have or who are experiencing it now. If you are not mentioned above please do not be dismayed! I know so many women who are amazing and inspirational and who live as though it's 'no big deal' and that they are just like everybody else. You are not like everybody else and if you feel you have an important story to tell then please, please get in touch! I am so looking forward to meeting you!

Love and Light,

Cathy Domoney. x

Email Me: [email protected] Message Subject: EMPOWERED

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